Mark your words so well,
I’ll remember before the night is through.
I am not your god,
"He" cannot contain everything you feel.
(And everything you feel is guilty)

And you take,
And you get,
Everything that you find before I can.
(You’ll never go far without another)

And you take,
And you get,
Everything that you find before I catch up.
(I’ll never catch up when you play your games)

In my dreams…

Go into the light,
Everyone is afraid to die.
Shy away from life,
Hide inside the world that you have known.
(And maybe I’ll be there waiting for you)

And you give,
And you get,
Everything that you want if you open your heart.
(I never would’ve let you hurt another)

And you give,
And you get,
What you want if you open your heart to another.
(And never let go - unless you want me to)

In my dreams….

words and music by Ben Sevier
performed and produced by wyly

Living room concert

performance of the Snow Patrol song “Chasing Cars”

music and lyrics Ben Sevier, performed by wyly

I Don’t Mean to Be Mean (instrumental version), written and composed by Ben Sevier

Merry Christmas!

Listen/purchase: Angels We Have Heard On High (single) by wyly

"My heart breaks and heals itself every time I hear this song, and I supposedly wrote it. The composition and performance came to over a single weekend exactly 1 year ago. I have to let it go now." -wyly

photo by Levoce, “Sunset at Pacific Beach, CA”, used with permission by the artist.

First recorded and shared in 2011, “Angels We Have Heard On High” has been remixed and remastered for 2013.

"Storytelling" was recorded between 2012 and 2013. The video was shot and edited using iMovie, over the long holiday weekend in November of 2013.

composed by Mark Thomas
edited & performed on the piano by Ben Sevier

dedicated to the memory of Barbara Chase
March 6, 1951-November 16, 2002